The FSLA Approach

We know many parents—especially single mothers—feel like they are on their own. You may have felt this way, but with Fresh Start, you do have a partner...and a plan.

The Reggio Emilia Approach is time-tested--beginning in the town of Italy for which it’s named. Further, our staff are fully trained in this method and are focused on helping your child achieve their fullest potential during their time with us--physically, intellectually, creatively and emotionally. 

We provide wellness/dental care through Children’s Hospital Mobile Unit, and hearing and vision screenings. What this means to you is that you needn’t worry about taking time off for these things--we’ve got you covered.

When your child is at Fresh Start Learning Academy, you can feel confident that, while you’re at work, your child is growing and thriving in a safe, secure, and positive environment of people who care. 

The simplest next step is to give us a call, and schedule a tour!